Gibson Brands Forums: Gbson’s headstock logos…. – Gibson Brands Forums

Gibson Brands Forums: Gbson’s headstock logos…. – Gibson Brands Forums

All models made during WW2. The post-war logo has the “G” and the “N” with a tail that drops below the other letters. Dot on “i” connected to “G”: Dot on “i” free from “G”: Gibson always used nitrocellulose lacquer for all instruments from to present. Some other special order custom colors were available. Prior to , Gibson used mostly spirit varnish.

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Dating a Marshall amplifier can be a daunting task for even the most savvy of suitors — Amp Archives is here to help. From until Marshall amplifiers were identified by a four-digit sequential number inside the back panel, reportedly starting with in and reaching at the beginning of While there are serial-like numbers during this era, no standard serial number format has been identified. The model numbers can be somewhat confusing because model numbers such as or can be mistakenly interpreted as the production year of the amplifier.

Epiphone Logos: LOGO USAGE GUIDLINES. Logos are to be used ONLY in the colors indicated below. Additional graphic treatments such as dropshadows, outlines, 3-D effects, etc. are PROHIBITED.

Independent Booksellers The Dead Sea Scrolls are the ancient manuscripts dating back to the time of Jesus that were found between and in caves by the Dead Sea. Since they were first discovered, they have been a source of fascination and debate over what they can teach — and have taught — about Judeo-Christian history. In his new book, The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Biography, Yale professor John J.

Collins tells the story of the scrolls, their discovery and the controversies surrounding the scholarship of them. The scrolls appear to have been hidden in the desert near Qumran in the West Bank by a Jewish sect known as the Essenes that existed around the time of Jesus. The Essenes were an extreme sect of Judaism and, Collins tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, “if they existed nowadays, we would regard them as a fundamentalist cult.

What do the scrolls tell us about that? Why does a movement decide to go off and live in the wilderness and — some of them at least — not marry and have all their possessions in common? What’s the kind of thinking that goes into that? They had the same Scriptures as everybody else.

2001 NFL Draft History – Round 1

A former stockbroker, she joined Newsradio88 in , and for thirty-nine years reported on happenings in the Nutmeg State. After learning of her death, Malloy issued this statement: We will miss Fran, and we extend our deepest condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues at WCBS. He llater earned a masters from Purdue.

Posted on Monday, November 05, – PM: The traditional weekend for the Wanee Music Festival in falls on the same weekend as Good Friday, Easter and Passover.

This dialogue is then read aloud to the two men by a slave boy owned by Euclid. Midwife to knowledge[ edit ] Socrates asks Theodorus if he knows of any geometry students who show particular promise. Theodorus assures him that he does, but that he does not want to over-praise the boy, lest anyone suspect he is in love with him. He says that the boy, Theaetetus, is a young Socrates look-alike, rather homely, with a snub-nose and protruding eyes.

The two older men spot Theaetetus rubbing himself down with oil, and Theodorus reviews the facts about him, that he is intelligent, virile, and an orphan whose inheritance has been squandered by trustees. Socrates tells Theaetetus that he cannot make out what knowledge is, and is looking for a simple formula for it. Theaetetus says he really has no idea how to answer the question, and Socrates tells him that he is there to help.

Socrates says he has modelled his career after his midwife mother. She delivered babies and for his part, Socrates can tell when a young man is in the throes of trying to give birth to a thought. Socrates considers his philosophical work as midwifery Maieutics. This method, later also called Socratic method, consists in eliciting knowledge by a series of questions and answers. Philosophical labor[ edit ] Socrates thinks that the idea that knowledge is perception must be identical in meaning, if not in actual words, to Protagoras ‘ famous maxim “Man is the measure of all things.

Socrates dictates a complete textbook of logical fallacies to the bewildered Theaetetus.

How to Date a Gibson Using Headstock Logos

Burning Chrome The Gernsback Continuum Mercifully, the whole thing is starting to fade, to be- come an episode. When I do still catch the odd glimpse, it’s peripheral; mere fragments of mad-doctor chrome, confining themselves to the corner of the eye. There was that flying-wing liner over San Francisco last week, but it was almost translucent. And the shark-fin roadsters have gotten scarcer, and freeways discreetly avoid un- folding themselves into the gleaming eighty lane monsters I was forced to drive last month in my rented Toyota.

And I know that none of it will follow me to New York; my vision is narrowing to a single wave- length of probability.

– 20th year of ! (now over 10M hits!) We salute our Nation’s military, past and present. IN WONDERFUL ALBANY, NY, USA. Updated: Wed, Nov 14th,

Posted on Wednesday, September 19, – The outpouring of support from all over the world has been overwhelming and amazing. We are so appreciative. Thank you all so much for your wonderful thoughts and prayers. We will keep you updated. Betts, the “Ramblin’ Man” singer-songwriter and founding Allman Brothers Band guitarist, went out to their backyard on Little Sarasota Bay and while playing with the family dog, slipped and cracked his head, causing bleeding from the brain.

Betts has been sedated at an undisclosed local hospital following the accident Monday evening at the Osprey home he shares with wife Donna. David Spero, Betts’ longtime friend and manager, said the beloved rock legend is “listed as in critical but stable condition”. Brain surgery, to relieve swelling, has been scheduled for Friday. Donna is by her husband’s side with Dickey’s children.

Is My Vintage, Made-in-Japan (MIJ) Guitar a Real Ibanez?

A few special releases, not first-run movies, are also included. Most of them are available via Amazon, and we urge you to make your purchase via a click-through from this website to help support the cost of the website. Please pay attention to notes with cautions in this color regarding which versions of the DVDs may or may not have description.

Gibson bass guitar catalogue see also Gibson Ripper Fretless Gibson Ripper Gibson Ripper. The earlier, wider, slab-bodied version of the Gibson Ripper was produced from the model’s inception in , through Compare this body shape, particularly the bevelling around the horns, with a later Gibson Ripper – these later Rippers have a far more sculptured look about.

Whipping appears to be original as well as the grip. This oversized Beech head Driving Putter has a huge lead back weight. The sheep skin grip is outstanding. The wood grip is square and scored. Nice replacement grip looks like an original. Head shape is similar to a Burke End Grain. Only “Special” is readable on the back of the head.

Gibson Serial Numbers

This is a very quick history, and mostly from memory, so take it all with a grain of salt and try to verify what you can from other sources. However, every attempt has been made to provide only verifiable and true information, in an attempt to set the record straight and dispell some modern “myths” about Ibanez model guitars. They were not forgeries, as they were never sold with misleading logos or with the intent to deceive.

Yo u may sea rch our website! Click the “Search the Western Clippings Site” line below which will bring up a Google box. Type whatever you’re looking for in that .

Dre and rock producer and music executive Jimmy Iovine. As Dre and Iovine were angling to sell their company Beats Electronics to Apple, Iovine told Dre to say nothing while the details were finalized. Where Jimmy told the guys, ‘Don’t buy cars, don’t get showy’? I said, ‘Don’t move this weekend. In the documentary, Black Eyed Peas frontman will. But it’s the horse I rode in with,’ ” will.

Still, the deal ultimately went through, and Dre and Iovine cashed out on the largest acquisition in Apple’s history. This episode sets the tone for The Defiant Ones, which sketches a story of two savvy deal-makers and pop culture renegades who helped redefine rap and rock music. Iovine and Dre’s legendary partnership began when Iovine’s company Interscope Records began distributing Death Row Records, where Dre was a recording artist.

The Defiant Ones, though, takes you all the way back in these men’s histories.

The Sequel to the Passion of the Christ

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